Grape Vine Sales


Welcome to Grape Vine Sales! We are committed to bringing you the best possible scion and rootstock materials available in Canada. All the wood in our vines is from the West Coast and much of it is made from foundation, virus tested vines. All our vines are made and shipped by one of the leading wholesale nurseries in British Columbia.


Our vines are available as green potted vines only. We do this to reduce the risk of viral infections that can come through the industry norm of growing out vines for a season in the ground. All vines are trimmed back prior to shipping to increases the handling ease, reduce shipping costs, and reduce the immediate irrigation requirements.


We offer vines in three formats:

Certified Foundation Scion Wood:

Merlot 15 (181)

Aligote 01

Pinot Noir 38 (459)

Gamay Noir 05

Pinot Noir 2A

Sangiovese 02

Chardonnay 38 (95)

Mourvedre 03

Cabernet Sauvignon 10

Grenache 03

Viognier 01

Mondeuse 368

Sauvignon Blanc 01

Tempranillo 02

Pinot Gris 05 (53)

Malbec 09

Cabernet Franc 04 (332)


Non-Certified Scion Wood:

Syrah Noir

Petite Verdot 02

Syrah 470

Tempranillo 03

Syrah 870

Tempranillo 01

Syrah 174

Rousanne TCVS C

Petite Syrah 03

Carmenier 01

Golden Muscat

Malbec 04

Pinot Noir 93

Marechal Foch

Pinot Noir 164

Leon Millot

Pinot Noir 115

New York Muscat

Pinot Noir 375


Pinot Noir 667

Pinot Meunier

Pinot Noir 777


St Laurent


Certified Foundation Rootstock:







Ruggeri 140







For information and ordering, please contact us:

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